This grill is solid and very nice. It needs to be on a clean 36 Desoto and not on my wall. It will stay there, but belongs on your car. I'm firm on $590 plus the shipping cost.
early MAG chain boxes and covers. weathered but will clean up OK. add shipping.
SC (nice) $50 SC (port brazed closed) $40 '74-'77 and SC with air condition delete. media blasted, etch primed and top coated with satin black $75 add shipping
single 356A front drum. liner measures 282mm. recently turned and ready to go. $250 + shipping.
pair of 356A front drums. liners measure 280.1mm and 280.6 within spec. adjuster covers included. $500 + shipping.
yellow single. missing upper hinge. fair condition, but solid. $50 *** LOCAL PICKUP ONLY *** can deliver here on Sunday;
4 of the 6 trim rings are marked SWF3260. the euro lens has a crack. $75 + postage
fan belt for your 100 point concours correct 356A tool kit. add postage.
numbered edition of this fine and rare book. limited to 540 copies in a slip case. NOS still sealed. $1500 + postage.
cut down case for performing various operations on the transaxle. $200 + shipping
factory special tool catalog for 356, 356A, 356B and Carrera. rare deluxe edition. includes info on the Celette banch. 3 languages. publication date 1960. price and shipping weight for all tools. light foxing on some pages, but greasy finger prints. no splits at the seam. overall excellent condition $450 + postage.
ultra rare. mid-'65 - '68. satin surface. looks like it was hit with a super-fine media even though no rust pitting is present. rubber insert intact. $600 + shipping.
80's era from the factory boutique program. super high quality piece. $800 when new. 16" X 19" with extra pockets & zippers for expansion. accurate color is the dark black in the first pic. (the other pix are washed out grey) near mint condition $200 + shipping.
can't determine if this was Italian, English or German produced. super light wheel with a Nardi hub. 383mm diameter dated April '68. moderate finish wear, but no dents, cracks or splits to the wood. $400 + shipping.
as the title states. For determining the thickness of the shims of the drive pinion concave washer (transaxle) in original box. $150 + shipping (5#)
all have the Fritz Reu maker mark. none show any signs of having been mounted. price + postage. (clockwise from top left); 1) blank event & organizing body $200 2) as #1 w/ Porsche crest (scratches to upper block) $275 3) Motor Sport Club Nuernberg 4th Winter Rally 1966 AvD medallion. note different background from the other 3 and the fact that it is not drilled for mounting. this would have be...
FS: 1973 color and interior sample book NOS NOS 1973 factory color and interior sample insert. mylar flip panels give an idea of color by body type. NOS does not mean "perfect". there are faults in the paint on some of the mylar pages. this was opened to take the photos, otherwise it has not seen light since produced. $2000 delivered world wide.
FS: Sports Purposes / Spare Parts List Competition Type prices include delivery world wide. condition of the first 3 is pristine. (probably from the factory archives) the Sports Purposes catalog has been widely copied and circulated. I would grade this original between VG & EXC. dated March '68. $400. SOLD spare parts list type 911S april 70 competition type. blue paper approx. 35 pages $950 sp...